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Wild Art

“In the mind of every artist there is a masterpiece.” – Kai Greene

Our art lessons are a blend of Reggio and Mindfulness 

Lesson Structure:

Currently each virtual lesson is on Monday evenings at 6pm PST. More classes will be added in the future based on availability. The structure of our lesson is as follows. 


6:00-6:10 Introduction and greeting

6:10-6:40 Creation time

6:40-6:50 Finishing up and clean up

6:50-7:00 Mindful moment and closing

Introduction and greeting:

Step 1: Welcome and say hello's!

Step 2: Check in with a mindful moment. We love our mindful moments and each class has one at the beginning and at the end of each lesson. This first mindful moment is when we see what our subject for the day is.

Step 3: Choose a medium and get ready to create!

​Creation time: 

Step 1: During creation time we may either talk to one another, asking questions about our subject, listen to music, or practice belly breathing. Each lesson will be based on the way the children are feeling and what they express they need as they create.


Finishing up and clean up:

Step 1: We will announce that in 15 minutes we will be moving onto our next and final mindful moment and that it is time to begin adding the finishing touches to our creations. 

Step 2: At the 5 minutes to mindful moment mark we will tidy our spaces.


Mindful Moment and Closing:

Step 1: We each will share our creation with each other and state 2 things we like about what we’ve created. 

Step 2: We will then each say one word expressing how we felt during our creation time. And end with 3 big breaths and an affirmation given by the teacher. 

Supplies Needed:

- Paint brushes, and cup for rise water

- Watercolor pallet

- Colored Pencils

- Pastels (oil or chalk)

- 1 Canson multimedia sketchbook XL

- Paper towels


Each subject for our Wild Art lesson is child age appropriate. Our subjects range from fruits and vegetables to animals insects and space. Here are some examples:

- Dragon fruit

- Lady bug

- Spaceship 

Each subject is meant to entice communication or contemplation around the subject itself. In Reggio, typically the children will suggest the subject for each lesson, sometimes the teacher will offer suggestions based on the children's interests. 


-This is a mindful space, we do not allow judgement or inappropriate behaviors. If this guideline is crossed you will not be allowed to participate in the lesson again.

-Who else will be in my child's lesson?:

Other children from the U.S. or other parts of the world depending on who signs up for the same week as you. We welcome children of all backgrounds to meet and greet and expand a sense of humanity. 

-If you are running late to the lesson or can't make it please feel free to email us

How to sign up:

Please head over to our packages page and select the wild art package. After your purchase is complete you will receive an email asking some simple questions about your child ie age, interests, and intentions with our lesson as well as a zoom link for our lesson. If you have any questions please fill out our contact form below.

Painting Equipments
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